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The Benefits Of Investing In Supported Living Properties

8th November 2018

Property investment has previously not been for the faint of heart, especially when conjoined with refurbishment. Often seen as an aggressive market, property investment couldn’t be further from the branch of the supported living property market. More reliable and far less aggressive, investing in supported living properties is actually a great place to invest in property. Let us show you why.


Supported living properties offer long-term investment

Investing in supported living properties offers a long-term investment with the potential for a steady and reliable income. With protection against inflation and capital gains to be won, this property market makes your involvement far more secure and water-tight. We’re a not-for-profit housing organisation for vulnerable adults seeking supported living, so the majority of our tenants like to remain in the same property for long periods of time. Once they feel safe and secure in their own space, they will likely remain in that property for years on end, securing you as an investor a stable passive income.

Demand for supported living properties

It is becoming more and more accessible for vulnerable adults to live increasingly independent lives, including finding work placements and living with some form of independence. With more and more social opportunities and acceptance for these individuals, we have been experiencing a stable demand for supported living properties across the UK. Property investment in this sense is a very sensible move, because there will always be another individual seeking to achieve their independent living potential.

Happy tenants and stable income

The individuals we support value stability, so our supported living tenants are likely to stay in the same property for longer periods of time. By investing in supported living properties, you are more likely to encounter long-term tenants than when investing in the over-arching property market. Also, the stable income received is entirely passive, especially when partnering with a noted housing association such as Falcon Housing Association. Avoiding the disadvantages of the rental market and becoming a contributor to supported living housing is an effective way of gaining a healthy passive income over the long-term.

We’re seeking a variety of properties

Because housing associations for vulnerable adults like ourselves encounter an array of different needs and preferences, there are many different types of housing required for supported living tenants. Where appropriate, we enter into leases where we are responsible for all repairs and maintenance necessary for the property. We provide an effective and responsive repairs and maintenance service to all of our tenants, which helps deliver a significant return on the landlord’s rental investments.


Where the property market inflates and fluctuates, and where tenants look for their next nest, Falcon and our tenants remain reliable. With protection against inflation, tenants that value stability, and a healthy passive income to be gained, there has never been a better time to invest in supported living properties. Property investment doesn’t have to competitive and stressful when you pick the correct market to become a part of, so contact us today on 0191 260 0551 or enquire online today. We are always seeking high-quality and suitable properties and likeminded landlords for the young people we work with.

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