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If you are having difficulty viewing content on this website, there are various tools and techniques that can be used to assist you.

Enlarging Text

If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel (usually between the two buttons on a standard mouse), gently scroll it away from you whilst holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Wheel it towards you to make the page smaller.


If you don’t have a scroll wheel, hold down the Ctrl key and press the + (plus) key to make the page bigger (this can be found next to your backspace button). Using Ctrl – (Ctrl & minus) will make it smaller again.


Screen Readers

A screen reader is a software application that enables people with severe visual impairments to use a computer. As well as reading aloud the text in your browser screen readers work closely with the computer’s Operating System (OS) to provide information about icons, menus, dialogue boxes, files and folders.

There are many free to use screen readers on the market here are a few which we recommend:


Thunder is a free award winning Microsoft windows screen reader download, that has been developed with the help of blind and partially sighted people. Available for the Windows 7, 8, vista and XP operating system, Thunder is totally free with no hidden costs or trial periods.


If you use Google’s Chrome browser and are looking for a screen reader just for the internet, Chromevox could be the solution for you. It’s a simple extension download that attaches itself to your Chrome browser. This screen reader has been developed especially to give access to modern web pages and applications.


Voiceover is free software supplied with all Apple products including iPads and iPod touch. It has been designed for total ease of use and works with Apple’s built in apps. For more information on how to open this in your iOS, visit the official Apple webpage.

My Web My Way

The BBC have a fantastic website for those with disabilities and impairments that need a little more help surfing the web. It’s a library of easy to use guides, useful information and videos on how to enhance your web experience. If you have a visual, audio, movement or learning impairment, then we cannot recommend this website highly enough.

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