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At FHA, we are responsible for carrying out a number of repairs in your home. However, some things are your responsibility:

FHA responsibilities

As a general guide FHA are responsible for any wear and tear to your home

This includes things like:

  • External structure of the building
  • Doors, window frames and catches
  • Gutters, external pipes and drains
  • Pathway directly to the property, steps and other means of access
  • Internal walls (structure but not damage), floors, ceilings, doors (but not damage), door frames and skirting boards
  • Baths, wash basins, toilets (but not blockages caused by mis use), sinks and kitchen units
  • Electrical wiring, sockets and switches
  • Gas pipes, water pipes
  • Fitted heaters and fires, fireplaces and central heating installations
  • Communal areas and their electrical supplies

Your responsibilities

FHA expect all tenants to keep their home in a safe and clean condition.

You’re also responsible for fixing any damage that has been caused by yourself or any visitors to your home

Examples of repairs that you are responsible for include:

  • light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing toilet seats (unless in a shared house where we may make a contribution)
  • Decorating the inside of your home or in shared homes your bedroom
  • Fixing appliances installed by you
  • Replacing keys or locks
  • Blocked toilets and sinks caused by mis use

It is extremely important to us that our tenants feel safe and comfortable in their homes. As a registered social landlord, we are focused on maintaining our properties to the highest possible standards. We aim to provide an effective and responsive repairs service by prioritising repairs into 3 categories


If you wish to give feedback on our service please see link below:

Repairs: Have you reported a repair recently?

Falcon Housing Association Durham
Falcon Housing Association Durham

We class an emergency repair as anything that has an immediate or potential health and safety risk to you or your home

Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • Complete loss of power
  • No heating or hot water during the winter
  • A flood or leak that cannot be contained
  • Dangerous structures including wall or ceiling collapse
  • Insecure doors or ground floor windows

Emergency repairs should be reported to us immediately on 0191 4064857.

Planned improvements

FHA are committed to investing in properties, which means from time to time we will carry out planned maintenance to your home, a programme of planned improvement works will be pulled together following stock condition surveys of all our properties
Examples of planned repairs could include:

  • Replacing kitchens
  • Upgrading bathrooms
  • External and internal decorating
  • Replacing roofs
  • Replacing boilers
  • Replacing windows and doors

Chargeable repairs

Any repairs caused due to neglect, wilful damage or accidental damage by you, a member of the household or a visitor, will need to be repaired to a good standard by a reputable contractor organised and paid for by you.

FHA can arrange to quote for the work, once agreed the work will need to be paid for prior to any work being carried out.

Pests and infestations

Pests or infestations in your home are your responsibility. Contact your local authority pest control department who may be able to help.

Adaptations to your home.

Sometimes a change in circumstance means your home is no longer suitable for you. In situations like this it may be possible to adapt your home to better suit your needs, Falcon HA will work alongside local authority partners and care providers to ensure funding is available to support any adaptations.

Tenants, family members and support staff can report repairs to us:

More information regarding repairs and maintenance can be found in our tenancy agreements and tenants’ handbook.

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