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  1. How do I report a repair?

    To report a repair, you can call our customer service hub on 0191 406 4857 or email us at repairs@falconha.org, if your repair is an emergency we would ask you to call us so we can arrange to attend as soon as possible.

  2. How do I report damp and mould?

    We take all reports of damp and mould as a priority and aim to inspect property within 7 days of you reporting it. Please contact us immediately via our customer services hub on 0191 406 4857 with any suspicions of damp and mould.

  3. I have an emergency repair to report, how long will it take to fix?

    Our aim is to attend to all emergency repairs within 24 hours. We will allocate the most appropriate contractor for the job, and they will call you when on their way so you will know what time to expect them.

  4. When I report a repair how will I know when someone will come?

    We will allocate the most appropriate contractor who will then call you to make suitable arrangements.

  5. Have you any job vacancies?

    We place all our vacancies on the Careers page of this website.

  6. How do I apply for accommodation?

    We do not hold a waiting list or allocate accommodation ourselves. This is done via Local authorities in conjunction with Care Providers. We would suggest you contact the Local authority or your social worker if that is applicable, they can then advise you further. Whilst we are not involved in the initial assessment stage, we do however see each referral for our properties to ensure that the needs of the person will be met by the accommodation and result in a successful tenancy.

  7. I have an issue with noise from one of my neighbours. Who should I contact?

    Each tenant has an identified Housing Officer, they should be your first point of contact. They will talk to you about the problem being experienced and advise on what the best course of action might be.

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