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Supported Living Properties For Sale (Nationwide)

23rd February 2018

Supported Living Properties at Falcon Housing Association

We believe that everyone should have the right to live as independently as individually possible, so we at Falcon Housing Association endeavour to provide housing solutions for vulnerable adults nationwide. As a registered not-for-profit social housing provider, our long-term goal is to find suitable long-term supported living properties for our tenants so that they may lead happy, fulfilled lives.

We currently have supported living properties for sale across the UK and Wales, offering different types of social housing for vulnerable adults. Our individualised development and tailored support of each tenant allows them to live safely and independently, involving them and their families in all decisions.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a national provider of social housing across the UK and Wales.
  • We have a proven track record in purchasing, managing, and maintaining supported living properties
  • We involve all tenants and their families in decisions surrounding their housing.
  • We care for all properties and tenants, so you can rely on our upkeep.

How we can support you

We work positively with tenants, encouraging them to take an active involvement in their housing, and with their families to ensure the best possible support for their loved ones. We are closely involved with local authorities and charities to help define the needs of vulnerable adults and implement a solution for their social housing requirements.

Falcon Housing Association puts active investment into the maintenance of both professional and personal relationships with landlords and their tenants, never losing sight of our supportive goals. Through available supported living properties for sale we can help vulnerable adults live fulfilled, supported, and as independent as possible lives so they may reach their full potential.

If you are considering supported living for your loved one, then look no further than properties maintained and managed by Falcon Housing Association. With our excellent track record, relationship building, and care opportunities, we can provide vulnerable adults with a safe and secure home for life. Get in touch via our contact page so we can help you out.

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